The Blue Jeans Mile is coming to New York

By Citius Mag Staff

July 8, 2017

The Blue Jeans Mile is coming to New York City. CITIUS MAG has teamed up with the Lost Boys Track Club in New York City to host an open blue jeans mile on the evening of July 27 at East River Park in Manhattan.

The concept is simple. Wear your best pair of jeans and see how fast you can run a mile. This one is free! If you’re interested in competing, please DM us on Twitter or Instagram. Feel free to also contact the Lost Boys Track Club on Instagram.

There are rules! The jeans must be 100% denim or cotton and we will be inspecting them. NO JORTS. NO JEGGINGS. You can wear spikes. Wearing tights underneath is encouraged to minimize chafing. You are allowed to roll up your jeans up to two inches above the ankle. We will have a table inspecting the jeans and denim.

The current world leading time of 4:43 was run by Sandy Roberts in Raleigh, North Carolina. He will be competing at the 2017 Sir Walter Miler as we will be there for the CITIUS MAG Presents the Raleigh Denim Mile. There are still spots available to race in Raleigh next month.

Current World List

  1. Sandy Roberts (NC) – 4:43
  2. Brandon Sotelo (TX) – 4:54
  3. Ryan Sterner (CA) – 5:17

It is believed that the world record is a 4:36 run last year by Pierce Flanders in Topeka, Kansas.

The Lost Boys are a running club in New York City best known for running a 16-man sub-two hour marathon on the East River track.

This certainly won’t be the last New York City Blue Jeans Mile as we’re looking at hopefully possibly hosting an elite one in the fall. Stay tuned for those details in the future.

Spread the word.

Show up.

East River Track.

July 27 (Time 7:30/8 p.m. ET).

Post-race drinks afterwards.

Lost Boys Blue Jeans Mile.

We will be streaming the race live on our Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow us on those platforms.

Citius Mag Staff