Play Boston Marathon BINGO on Race Day

By Jesse Squire

April 14, 2018

In honor of the 2018 Boston Marathon, we decided to make the broadcast a little interactive for you. We’ve created a BINGO Card. Presented by the Mercury Mile.

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If you’ve never played BINGO before, it’s very easy.

You have five vertical columns and five rows. Each row has a phrase, person or topic that may be discussed during the 2018 Boston Marathon. If the person, place or thing is mentioned, you cross off the corresponding square. If you occupy five squares in a row, we win. Let’s hope we get a BINGO on Monday.

Print out the bingo card below. If you play along with the broadcast, tweet at us: @CITIUSMAG and we’ll retweet you to our millions of followers around the world.

boston marathon broadcast bingo

Jesse Squire

I was second in the 1980 Olympic* long jump. (*Cub Scout Olympics, Pack 99, 9-10 age group.)