Introducing the CITIUS MAG Athletes Of the Year

By Citius Mag Staff

December 26, 2018

We’ve been on the internet for two years and so we’ve decided that we can now start an award. On Dec. 31st, we announce the CITIUS MAG Male and Female Athlete of the Year.

Over the next couple days, we’ll have some of our bloggers making the case for their own picks. Expect some of these to be analytical while also occasionally funny. After a lengthy discussion over Slack, we’re going to vote among the staff and name two winners – which we hope we can honor with digital covers of CITIUS MAG. Look at that…we’re putting the MAG part in CITIUS MAG!

We’ll be looking at the best athletic performances on the track and roads, while also having Jesse Squire make his pick for the two best field event athletes because he’s the expert on that side of things. We’ll also take into account the magnitude of special moments in a historical context.

Making the decision is certainly not easy. There are plenty of deserving candidates and some fiery debates took place. There were dozens of incredible performances in 2018 and we’re looking forward to honoring some of the stars of the best.

This week on the CITIUS MAG Podcast, Chris Chavez and Kevin Liao will run through their own awards and picks. Look out for that episode to drop later this week.

Citius Mag Staff