Dillon Maggard Sets Blue Jeans Mile World Record 4:11.80, Two Days After NCAA Nationals

By Citius Mag Staff

November 20, 2017

Just two days after a sixth place finish at the 2017 NCAA Cross Country National Championships, Utah State’s Dillon Maggard broke out his best pair of 100% cotton blue jeans to attempt to break the Blue Jeans Mile world record held by Rory Linkletter (CAN) of BYU. Linkletter ran 4:16.00 in Provo, Utah on July 31.

Mission accomplished for Maggard. On a cold Monday afternoon in Logan, Utah (about 4,700ft altitude), Maggard took to the track and ran a 4:11.80 Blue Jeans Mile. He not only broke Linkletter’s world record but he also broke Spencer Brown’s American Record of 4:16.38, which was set in New York City in July.

Blue Jeans Mile season officially runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day but the guys at Utah State reached out to us to see if we would be willing to make an exception for Maggard. We approved of this race as long as he abided by the 100% cotton rules. He complied.

Watch the race below:


What we’ve noticed is that there is something like a 14-second difference between a Blue Jeans Mile personal best and an athlete’s mile personal best so that bodes well for Maggard going into indoor season. He has a 4:01.25 personal best from indoors in March. Look for him to possibly be a candidate to become the 500th American to break four minutes for the mile.

Citius Mag Staff