C’mon Galen, At Least Read The Reports

By Ammar Moussa

October 6, 2017

In the lead up to this Sunday’s Chicago Marathon, Galen Rupp emerged from his altitude chamber to grace us mortals with words of wisdom, and to, once again, escape the darkening shadow of doping allegations.

Over the last several years we’ve seen a increase of leaks, allegations, and reports that claim Oregon Project coach Alberto Salazar pushes the boundaries of competing clean. At worst, according to a leaked (and technically never authenticated) USADA report, Alberto Salazar allegedly broke anti-doping code and possibly endangered the lives of athletes in the Oregon Project. Noted tabloid newspapers the New York Times, London’s Sunday Times, and ProPublica have investigated and reported these allegations.

And Galen Rupp hasn’t taken the time to read what’s been said.

“You have to remember: I haven’t read all that stuff, haven’t seen the language, and it hasn’t been proven,” Rupp told Runner’s World. “It’s all just kind of speculation.”

Sounds legit right? Clean sport advocate, stand up guy, American hero, Galen Rupp doesn’t read the claims that his coach allegedly massages him with testosterone, or that their cutting edge L-Carnitine infusions were possibly over the legal amount set by the WADA code.

Yeah, if I was falsely accused, I would definitely just ignore it all and go about my life like nothing was wrong.

For a guy who didn’t read the alleged USADA report, he seems awfully confident that the allegations in there are definitely false, and he DEFINITELY did not break the rules. Check this out when he talks about the report.

“When testifying under oath, Rupp said he could not recall the exact amount he was administered, and he was asked on Thursday whether he has any memory of the infusion.”

“We did not break the rules,” he said. “I did not break the rules, I should say. I can’t speak for anybody else, but I know that we’ve all been very careful that we did not break the rules.”

This is a perfect place for me to insert the *thinking face* emoji. When I read that, I thought that that’s like getting pulled over by a cop and they ask ‘How much have you had to drink?’ You say, ‘I don’t know,’ and then when asked later you say ‘Definitely not over the legal limit!’

These aren’t just rumors. These are hard working investigative journalists digging deep. This is a report that was allegedly leaked from USADA to the Texas Medical Board. If I’m correct, USADA can’t confirm the authenticity of the leaked report because they can’t comment on any active investigation so we’re operating right now under the assumption that it is real. And it’s not just some “random person on the internet” that let your endocrinologist know that he had likely violated rules and is facing potential sanctions.

This is real, my guy.