Documentary on NYC’s running culture unveils new trailer

By Citius Mag Staff

October 1, 2017


The first installments of We Run New York, a documentary series by filmmaker–and 1:47 800-meter runner–Harry McFann, are slated to be released this fall, so naturally, there’s a new trailer to drum up some hype. The project aims to tell the stories of a wide variety of athletes who go to great lengths to pursue a passion while living in a place that can be downright inhospitable to it.

Each of the five episodes will center around a specific subset of the city’s running scene, ranging from a club comprised largely of Central American immigrants whose running challenges span from the physical to the political, all the way to famed coach and Bronx-native Frank Gagliano of the NJ-NY Track Club.

In-person premiers for the episodes will take place all round NYC, so if you’re a Tri-Stater, stay tuned for details. If you’re not, don’t worry–we’ll be sharing links when each episode drops, as well.

You can follow the film-series’s progress on its Facebook or Twitter page.

Citius Mag Staff