CITIUS MAG – Quote of the Year: ‘FUCK YES’

By Ryan Sterner

December 19, 2017

Over the next couple days, we’ll be rolling out our end of the year awards. So we figured that we could get started with something nice, easy and fun the CITIUS MAG – Quote of The Year. Please don’t read this post aloud around your kids.

Hello. I’m here to talk about the quote of the year. But first, let’s talk about the word “fuck.”

Dads say it. Moms say it. Teachers, bosses, and doctors say it. I’m not unconvinced that dogs are saying it whenever they bark. It can be said in polite company or in the quiet of your own car or, if you’re big enough, to people you don’t like. Are you having a nice time? Are you having a bad time? Did you drop something? Did something just blow your tiny mind? Have you ever heard an old lady say it? Hilarious. What about a child? Even funnier.

What you should gather from this, is that fuck is a universally beloved word.

That’s why it was a no-brainer that Shalane Flanagan’s use of the expletive as she thundered down the final stretch of the New York City Marathon would be our quote of the year.

If we really need to try to justify this decision to our readers in a quantifiable way, take a looksy at the Google Trend chart below. “Shalane Flanagan fuck yeah” had a score of 100 on the day of the NYC Marathon. I think this literally means that for that day nothing could be more popular than the search term “Shalane Flanagan Fuck Yeah.”

So fuck yes Shalane Flanagan. Fuck yes for winning the NYC Marathon in a dominant fashion. Fuck yes for being the first American woman to do it since 1977. Fuck yes for finally winning a world major marathon, like we all knew you could. And fuck yes for perfectly encapsulating how everyone watching felt when you finally crossed the finish line.

“Fuck yes.” Shalane Flanagan. 2017.

Ryan Sterner

Hobby jogger and soup enthusiast whose work has appeared in a number of highly esteemed publications such as Flotrack, The Howard Lake Herald Journal and Ebaum's World. Currently a resident of Los Angeles, where he spends most of his time indoors.