USATF Announces Full Roster For 2023 World Championships

By Citius Mag Staff

August 7, 2023

USATF has officially named its team for the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest, which are set to start on Aug. 19 and run through Aug. 27. 139 U.S. athletes are slated to compete on the track, in the field, or on the streets of Budapest in the men’s and women’s marathons.

Here’s what you need to know:

– Last year, the United States topped the medal table at the world championships in Eugene with 33 total medals – 13 gold, 9 silver and 11 bronze.

– Much of the roster was already known after the U.S. Outdoor Track and Field Championships were held in Eugene, Oregon. The top three finishers in each respective event, who also met World Athletics’s qualifying standard or qualified via World Ranking, would be named to the team. Some of the final roster decisions depended on athletes finishing in the targeted field size quota by World Athletics’s rankings or whether they could chase the standard in the last few weeks.

Elise Cranny, who claimed the U.S. 5000m and 10,000m titles, will double at the World Championships. Her teammates in those events, Natosha Rogers and Alicia Monson, will be doubling as well.

Sean McGortySean McGorty

Johnny Zhang/@jzsnapz

– Sean McGorty finished third in both the 5000m and 10,000m at the U.S. Championships, but did not meet the World qualifying standard of 27:10.00 in the longer event. His personal best is 27:18.15 from March 2022. McGorty successfully got the 5000m standard with a 13:02.13 personal best at a meet in Heusden on July 15 and was eligible for the 10,000m by world ranking, so he is entered in both events.

– Other athletes doubling in individual events include Sha’Carri Richardson (100m and 200m), Noah Lyles (100m and 200m), and Jasmine Moore (LJ and TJ). Richardson and Lyles are also eligible for the Team USA relay pool.

Athing MuAthing Mu

Johnny Zhang/@jzsnapz

– On August 2nd, the LA Times reported coach Bobby Kersee said reigning 800m world champion Athing Mu is undecided whether she will race in Budapest. He said, “It’s in our control if we decide we’re just going to go ahead and train through this year and focus on next year, then that’s what we’re going to do…The training is going well but our thought process, openly, is that we’re going to just train here in L.A. for the next two weeks and the next time she gets on the plane it’ll either be on vacation or to Budapest.” As of Monday, Mu is entered in her primary event and Team USA announced her intention to compete. She has a season’s best of 1:58.73 from her victory at the NYC Grand Prix in June.

– Another Kersee disciple, Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone, is more decided on her path forward after qualifying in multiple events. The world record holder and reigning World/Olympic champion in the 400m hurdles has opted to forgo her entry in that event to focus on the flat 400m, where she won the U.S. title in July.

Fred KerleyFred Kerley

Johnny Zhang/@jzsnapz

– Due to championship byes for reigning World and Diamond League champions, Team USA will field four athletes instead of the usual three in 10 events. Athletes with byes who did not compete in their primary event at USAs include Athing Mu (women’s 800m), Fred Kerley (men’s 100m), Michael Norman (men’s 400m), and Noah Lyles (men’s 200m).

– The U.S. only failed to field at least three qualifying athletes in two events: the women’s high jump, where Vashti Cunningham is the sole entrant, and the women’s javelin, where Ariana Ince and Maggie Malone will compete.

– The U.S. sprints relay pool includes: Chris Bailey, Matthew Boling, Brandon Carnes, Justin Robinson, JT Smith, Kendal Williams, Ryan Willie, Tamara Clark, Makenzie Dunmore, Rosey Effiong, Quanera Hayes, Alexis Holmes, Lynna Irby-Jackson, Melissa Jefferson, and Twanisha Terry. They, along with the members of Team USA entered in individual events, will compete for medals in the men’s and women’s 4x100m relays, 4x400m relays, and the mixed-gender 4x400m.

Full Team USA Roster

Women’s Roster:


Brittany Brown

Tamari Davis

Sha'Carri Richardson


Sha'Carri Richardson

Gabby Thomas

Kayla White


Talitha Diggs

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone

Britton Wilson


Nia Akins

Kaela Edwards

Athing Mu

Raevyn Rogers


Nikki Hiltz

Sinclaire Johnson

Cory McGee

3000m Steeplechase:

Emma Coburn

Krissy Gear

Courtney Wayment


Elise Cranny

Alicia Monson

Natosha Rogers


Elise Cranny

Alicia Monson

Natosha Rogers

35K Race Walk:

Stephanie Casey

Miranda Melville

Maria Michta-Coffey


Keira D'Amato

Lindsay Flanagan

Susanna Sullivan


Nia Ali

Keni Harrison

Masai Russell


Anna Cockrell

Shamier Little

Dalilah Muhammad

High Jump:

Vashti Cunningham

Pole Vault:

Hana Moll

Katie Moon

Sandi Morris

Bridget Williams

Long Jump:

Quanesha Burks

Tara Davis-Woodhall

Jasmine Moore

Triple Jump:

Tori Franklin

Jasmine Moore

Keturah Orji

Shot Put:

Adelaide Aquilla

Jalani Davis

Chase Ealey

Maggie Ewen


Valarie Allman

Elena Bruckner

Veronica Fraley

Lagi Tausaga-Collins


Brooke Andersen

Janee’ Kassanavoid

DeAnna Price

Jillian Shippee


Ariana Ince

Maggie Malone


Taliyah Brooks

Anna Hall

Chari Hawkins

Relay pool (Additional Athletes):

Tamara Clark

Makenzie Dunmore

Rosey Effiong

Quanera Hayes

Alexis Holmes

Lynna Irby-Jackson

Melissa Jefferson

Twanisha Terry

Men’s Roster:


Cravont Charleston

Christian Coleman

Fred Kerley

Noah Lyles


Kenny Bednarek

Erriyon Knighton

Courtney Lindsey

Noah Lyles


Bryce Deadmon

Quincy Hall

Michael Norman

Vernon Norwood


Isaiah Harris

Bryce Hoppel

Clayton Murphy


Cole Hocker

Yared Nuguse

Joe Waskom

3000m Steeplechase:

Benard Keter

Kenneth Rooks

Isaac Updike


Paul Chelimo

Sean McGorty

Abdihamid Nur


Woody Kincaid

Joe Klecker

Sean McGorty

20K Race Walk:

Nick Christie


Elkanah Kibet

Nico Montanez

Zach Panning


Freddie Crittenden

Grant Holloway

Daniel Roberts

Cordell Tinch


CJ Allen

Trevor Bassitt

Rai Benjamin

High Jump:

JuVaughn Harrison

Shelby McEwen

Vernon Turner

Pole Vault:

Zach Bradford

Chris Nilsen

Zach McWhorter

Long Jump:

Marquis Dendy

Jarrion Lawson

Steffin McCarter

Triple Jump:

Chris Benard

Will Claye

Donald Scott

Shot Put:

Josh Awotunde

Ryan Crouser

Joe Kovacs

Payton Otterdahl


Sam Mattis

Turner Washington

Brian Williams


Daniel Haugh

Rudy Winkler

Alex Young


Ethan Dabbs

Curtis Thompson

Capers Williamson


Kyle Garland

Harrison Williams

Zach Ziemek

Relay pool (Additional Athletes):

Chris Bailey

Matthew Boling

Brandon Carnes

Justin Robinson

JT Smith

Kendal Williams

Ryan Willie

Citius Mag Staff