By Debajo Dos

October 12, 2018

It’s back. The Wood Report returns for its second year on CITIUS MAG. It’s a little later than last year but never late is better.

For those who need a refresher on what is The Wood Report and who the heck is Isaac Wood…

I am the Director of Operations at BYU and previously served as a graduate assistant and coach at Florida State as well as BYU. I have been doing The Wood Report since 2012 and people seem to have loved reading it. In 2012, I kind of started getting a reputation among the team at BYU for being someone that was fairly good at predicting races, breaking down meets and predicting top finishers. I knew stats pretty well for most guys. Olympian Doug Padilla, who was the director of operations at BYU at the time, said to me, ‘Dude, you just have to put this into some sort of website and let the people know about it.’ That’s it. The Wood Report was born. It’s my idea of who the best 31 teams in the country are who are the best individuals. It’s obviously never perfect but in years past, it’s proved to be very decent and accurate. That’s why I kept doing it. If I stunk at it, then I would not have kept doing it. Here we are five years later.

How is it all put together? I mined through every team in the NCAA. I put all the information into a document and list out some personal bests. I give it a glance and then a rating to get an idea of where they fit among others. The ratings are a bit of my own concoction. At the moment it’s a number from 1 to 10 with one decimal point. I’d love to get to the point, where I rank runners a few more places beyond the decimal point, but we’re not there yet. I made up my own equivalency chart that I feel confident in. It’s more for me to see where this one runner fits among others in a fair fashion. Here’s an example of how it works: When you’re looking at some of these smaller conferences, you’re like ‘Oh this person is pretty good.’ But, in all reality, just because you win the Patriot League – which is a good league and more solid than people realize – doesn’t mean that you’re as good as maybe someone in the top 10 of the Big 10. Probably not. So I give a rating that will give me an idea of where to put them in the conference, regional and national meet (if they qualify.) Cross country finishes and track personal bests are important and a nice combination. You have to find a balance of that. Some runners are really good on the track and not so great in cross country. You can kind of weed those guys out by looking at some 10K personal bests but then their conference finishes over the years. I use my noodle to determine where they belong in the grand scheme of things nationally.

One last thing, you’ll notice very quickly into the rankings that BYU is not included. As I mentioned above, I am the Director of Operations at BYU. Last year, I was on the fence about including BYU into the rankings. Eventually, it was clear that we could be contenders for the national title. Things didn’t go as planned as the NCAA Championships and so this year, the CITIUS MAG team has agreed to let me pull BYU from the published rankings.

These projections have taken performances from early-season invitationals into account.

Check out the men’s rankings here.

Now that you get the idea, I think it’s time to unveil my Top 100 for 2018 thus far…

Ranking First Last TEAM YEAR Rating
100 Logan Morris Clemson SO-2 8.767014805
99 Aoibhe Richardson Portland JR-3 8.789237668
98 Anna West Michigan JR-3 8.793066667
97 Taryn O’Neill Villanova FR 8.8
96 Gillian Schriever Pittsburgh SR 8.8
95 Annie Heffernan Notre Dame SR-4 8.8
94 Emily Martin New Mexico SR 8.8
93 Annie Kelly Colorado SR 8.8
92 Gabrielle Forrest Princeton SR 8.83
91 Lindsey Brewis Loyola (Ill.) SR-4 8.837855114
90 Annie Fuller Michigan State JR-3 8.843049327
89 Haley Herberg Oklahoma FR-1 8.860211268
88 Joyce Kimeli Auburn SO-2 8.868
87 Megan Hasz Minnesota JR-3 8.86863333
86 Maggie Farrell Michigan State SO-2 8.871053821
85 Claire Borchers Michigan SR-4 8.871466667
84 Juliana Mount Oregon State SR-4 8.873261
83 Rachel McArthur Villanova SO-2 8.887331839
82 Dominique Clairmonte North Carolina St. SO-2 8.896860987
81 Andrea Shine Iowa SR-4 8.90004
80 Rachel DaDamio Notre Dame SR-4 8.9013598
79 Bethany Hasz Minnesota JR-3 8.91
78 Maxine Paholek Boise State FR-1 8.923766816
77 Emma Grace Hurley Furman JR-3 8.953974648
76 Shaelyn Sorensen Wisconsin SR-4 8.9627242
75 Shannon Malone Syracuse JR 8.98
74 Dillon McClintock Michigan State JR 8.98
73 Destiny Collins Texas JR-3 8.977578475
72 Abbey Wheeler Providence JR-3 8.978195
71 Paige Hofstad Georgetown SO-2 8.982858641
70 Olivia Thies Michigan FR 8.99
69 Jocelyn Chau Yale FR-1 8.992313
68 Linda Cheruiyot UTEP JR-3 9
67 Susan Ejore Oregon SR-4 9
66 Jacqueline Gaughan Notre Dame FR-1 9.010442609
65 Sinclaire Johnson Oklahoma State SO-2 9.011659191
64 Jaclyn Gallery Connecticut SO-2 9.01239
63 Militsa Mircheva Florida State SR-4 9.01763294
62 Rachel Walny Bowling Green SR-4 9.0213333
61 Brianna Schwartz Colorado JR-3 9.032698675
60 Angie Nickerson Southern Utah SR-4 9.0367713
59 Svenja Ojstersek SMU SR-4 9.055333333
58 Grace Sullivan East Carolina SR-4 9.1012918
57 Astrid Rosvall UC Santa Barbara SO-2 9.129966887
56 Camille Davre Michigan FR-1 9.167733333
55 Carina Viljoen Arkansas JR-3 9.18982
54 Winny Koech UTEP JR 9.2
53 Hannah Meier Michigan SR-4 9.2052
52 Taylor Werner Arkansas JR-3 9.211394619
51 Dorcas Wasike Louisville JR-3 9.215
50 Addi Zerrenner Arizona SR-4 9.23813
49 Miranda Daschian Cal Poly JR-3 9.254139073
48 Anne Frisbie Iowa State SR-4 9.2714125
47 Avery Evenson Michigan SR-4 9.280133333
46 Adva Cohen New Mexico SO-2 9.2926
45 Hannah Miller SMU JR-3 9.3176
44 Alexis Fuller Boise State SR-4 9.32735426
43 Margaret Allen Indiana SR-4 9.361300448
42 Gabrielle Jennings Furman JR-3 9.375909859
41 Erika Adler UCLA SO-2 9.378311258
40 Aubrey Roberts Northwestern JR-3 9.386389577
39 Hannah Steelman Wofford SO-2 9.392533333
38 Cailie Logue Iowa State SO-2 9.4059417
37 Elly Henes North Carolina St. JR-3 9.408071749
36 Taryn Rawlings Portland SR-4 9.434977578
35 Lauren Berman Virginia Tech SR-4 9.479344729
34 Jessica Hull Oregon SR-4 9.5
33 Isabelle Brauer Oregon JR-3 9.5
32 Jessica Lawson Stanford SO-2 9.502483444
31 Tabor Scholl Colorado JR-3 9.515695067
30 Savannah Carnahan Furman JR-3 9.51655493
29 Amy Davis Wisconsin JR-3 9.539630045
28 Lauren LaRocco Portland SR-4 9.596412556
27 Nicole Hutchinson Villanova SR-4 9.605470852
26 Kaitlyn Neal Washington JR-3 9.626655629
25 Katherine Receveur Indiana SR-4 9.64058296
24 Hannah Reinhardt Albany JR-3 9.641737892
23 Caroline Alcorta Villanova SR-4 9.652017937
22 Famke Heinst High Point SO-2 9.668803419
21 Alyssa Snyder Utah State SR-4 9.675473421
20 Katrina Robinson Arkansas FR-1 9.681936
19 Andrea Masterson Yale SR-4 9.695868946
18 Sage Hurta Colorado JR-3 9.701065
17 Weronika Pyzik Oregon SR-4 9.75
16 Fiona O’Keeffe Stanford JR-3 9.750827815
15 Clare O’Brien Boise State JR-3 9.757847534
14 Anna Rohrer Notre Dame JR-3 9.78171831
13 Jaci Smith Air Force SR-4 9.78475336
12 Emily Venters Boise State FR-1 9.784753363
11 Katie Rainsberger Washington JR-3 9.812913907
10 Jessica Drop Georgia JR 9.83
9 Makena Morley Colorado SR-4 9.832734543
8 Elise Cranny Stanford SR-4 9.875
7 Allie Ostrander Boise State JR-3 9.892376682
6 Charlotte Prouse New Mexico SR-4 9.919282511
5 Alicia Monson Wisconsin JR 9.95
4 Dani Jones Colorado SR-4 9.95964125
3 Ednah Kurgat New Mexico JR-3 9.97309417
2 Weini Kelati New Mexico SO-2 9.98654
1 Sharon Lokedi Kansas SR-4 10

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