The Wood Report Web App In The Works

By Debajo Dos

November 10, 2020

We are excited to announce that The Wood Report NCAA XC Projections will soon be automated and available to NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA and JUCO teams and individuals (both men and women). We are getting close to launching a web app.

1. This new automation will allow updates to individual’s ratings to be reflected instantly onto each teams ranking and be shown in each simulation functionality as soon as a rating has been chosen for each meet.

2. Each NCAA Division (NAIA & JUCO, too) team rankings will be free on the home page.

3. A subscription will be required to go beyond the initial team ranking page.

4. This website will allow users to create a “race simulation” for any set of teams, number of athletes (chosen by default or selected by the user) and what athletes from each team specifically to put in the simulation.

5. The subscription will provide the following:

  • Access to individual runners’ profiles/ratings
  • in-depth team ratings
  • rankings done by conference/region/NCAA
  • simulation functionality to create a race between any team across any divisions based on the current, up-to-date rankings at that time
  • Comparison tool to match up any teams or individuals across all divisions based on their ratings, with access as well to their track personal bests and relevant xc finishes
  • analysis of each divisions best teams and written justification of selected teams and individual’s ratings
  • the ability to second guess any individual or team’s current rating or to provide feedback on missing athletes, etc.

We are excited for this project to be completed with a beta-test sometime around December 1st. In order to start feeling comfortable charging money for this, we wanted to get some feedback.

Please note: the subscription for this is not something we are wanting to gouge anyone for, but enough to put a value on the work that has been done.