World Athletics Renames Indoor Track To "Short Track"

By Citius Mag Staff

May 23, 2023

World Athletics plans to replace the term 'indoor' with 'short track' to describe events and performances set on a 200m track, regardless of whether they are staged indoors or outdoors.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

– In a news release, World Athletics is hoping the change aims to offer more flexibility in the setting of 200m tracks, potentially allowing their construction in temporary city locations or outdoors.

– Performances achieved on outdoor or temporary 200m tracks will be recognized as official results for records and rankings.

What They Are Saying:

– World Athletics President Sebastian Coe: “This change is designed to remove an unintentional barrier to competition innovation, by offering organizers the chance to explore solutions and opportunities which the current rules may discourage. Under this new concept, the 200m short track will no longer be confined to the indoor environment, and a world of opportunities will open up for meeting organizers to stage official competition in whatever facilities they have available, either indoors or outdoors, using 200m or 400m tracks. This change will allow and actively encourage the possibility for 200m tracks to move to an outdoor environment and will provide a more affordable option to cities, especially where space is in short supply while stimulating the growth of the sport through investment in new infrastructure.”


– For over 150 years, athletics has been divided into 'outdoor' and 'indoor' competitions. Indoor events are typically held on a 200m oval track to provide training and competition opportunities during winter seasons.

– Due to the closed indoor facility protecting athletes from weather interference, performances achieved indoors were not considered comparable to outdoor marks.

– Separate lists of indoor and outdoor events and performances have been maintained by World Athletics and most countries for statistical and records purposes.

Our Take

It’s obviously going to take some getting used to. I think it shows that World Athletics is positioning itself for more makeshift outdoor tracks. Next up: World Athletics to create new grass, mud, and hill product to grow the sport.

– Kyle Merber

Can’t think of a less exciting announcement from World Athletics- and that’s coming from the guy who’s obsessed with obscure shoe prototype rules. If the track terms rebrand is part of a broader effort to bring new fans to the sport, tell us those details instead!

David Melly

Citius Mag Staff