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June 28, 2017

A Citwit’s Case for Claire’s Epic Run in Jurassic World

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Today we received a solid email from a Citwit who spelled out his case for another notable running performance in film history. Here’s what Chris Markham wrote to us:

A recent Citius Mag article titled “The greatest non-track running performances in the history of movies,” while a worthwhile read, made the mistake of omitting the clear answer for which the title suggests: Jurassic World.

Chris Pratt said it best midway through the movie when he and Claire began searching for her nephews, “you aren’t going anywhere in the ridiculous outfit,” and if it weren’t for the demands of the plot, the Bryce Dallas Howard-played character would’ve been dino dinner before the park even opened.

Watch the chase below (starts at 4:00)

But the fact remains that Aunt Claire served as the hero of the movie by *SPOILER ALERT* outrunning a f***ing T-Rex in a blouse and high heels. Here are a few stats that require some attention when putting this into perspective:

  • A T-Rex can travel at speeds up to 45 mph.
  • The world record for a 100m dash in heels is 14.5 seconds (Julia Plecher).
  • Aunt Claire is not Julia Plecher

Let’s assume for a moment that the T-rex was not traveling at full speed. Hell, let’s say it was traveling at half speed of about 23 mph. Claire would still have to run twice as fast as the WR to have a chance against the T-Rex. Usain Bolt doesn’t even run at 28 mph.

Other factors that come into play is the long day Claire had up to that point of running through the jungle and the park, still in her heels. To say Claire wasn’t at full strength would be an understatement.

So you can have your car chases and explosions. To run any distance in high heels is impressive, but when put into context with a T-Rex behind you and a genetically altered dinosaur thing in front of you is God-like. Impressive isn’t a strong enough word to describe her sprint. A female white-collar executive in heels ran faster than Usain Bolt to escape a T-Rex. Come at me with a harder question next time.

Next time let’s talk about the best high jump in movie history and I’ll talk about Jonah Hill’s jump onto a helicopter in 22 Jump Street.

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