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January 26, 2018

We Have Two Big Announcements

Hello loyal followers,

It’s almost the one year anniversary of our existence. That’s right, on Feb.7th Citius Mag will be one year old, and what better way to celebrate than by making two brief, but ultimately important announcements of things to come?

First: as of today, Citius Mag will begin paying our contributors.

For the first 12 months of Citius Mag, we’ve survived as a passion project run by the people whose work you read on this website every day. But as you can imagine, passion only stretches so far–especially when everyone involved has (surprisingly) full-time jobs.

In an effort to continue publishing entertaining content on a regular basis, Citius Mag will now be able to pay the writers that contribute to our website. Paying writers was a goal of ours from the beginning and we’re happy to have grown Citius (thanks to you) to a point where we can make that possible.

So, please consider this an open call. If you are a writer and you have something funny, eye-opening, or insightful to share with the world as seen through the lens of the running community, we want to hear from you.

Please send your pitches to [email protected]. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Second, and just as important: we are starting a Patreon.

Some of our followers have taken to showing their appreciation by Venmoing us. More often than not support comes in $.69 increments. We still don’t really understand why. But as we move into our second year on the internet, we wanted to create a formal way for loyal readers to support us, if they so choose.

Now, I know what y’all are thinking: why would I pay for something that’s already free? Well, you’re right. Even if you don’t pay us, Citius Mag will be free–always.

Our mission from the beginning was to provide you with fresh, interesting and funny running content. Last year that meant over 1,000 articles, podcasts and short videos for you to consume throughout the day. That’s an incredible amount of work by countless individuals which the brass at Citius Mag is indebted to; this Patreon is a way to give back to the people that help keep us going. 

Whether it’s on the subway on your way to work, on the toilet from mistiming your pre-run coffee or while kicking up your legs post-run, we want to provide you with analysis, opinion, and some humor along the way. Now, we’re asking you to consider supporting the site to keep us going in 2018.

Though we think the knowledge of support an outlet you truly enjoy should be enough for you, we went out and added some perks for people that contribute to our Patreon. We’ve teamed up with a few places like Run SMART and Running Warehouse to provide you discounts on online coaching and your favorite running gear. There will be a special edition of the Citius Mag Podcast that will be uploaded for subscribers only. And more to come (think exclusive merchandise, like our famous t-shirts).

We’re looking forward to 2018. Between you and me, I think it’ll be a big one. Thanks again for all your support.


The Citius Mag Team.

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