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March 16, 2021

D3 Glory Days Joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network

We are excited to announce D3 Glory Days has joined the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network!

You could say D3 Glory Days began back in 2010 when I (Noah Droddy) Facebook messaged high schooler and DePauw University recruit Stu Newstat if he preferred a case of Keystone Light or Busch Lite for his upcoming campus visit. Those messages became the cornerstones of a fruitful partnership that would yield four years of mediocre Division III college running, a less mediocre radio show, a not-mediocre-at-all friendship and ultimately the greatest D3 running podcast on planet earth (and top 10 in Europe).

You could also say D3GD began in 2019 when Stu called me with an idea to shine some light on the NCAA’s forgotten child.

D3 Glory Days aims to fill the void of D3 running coverage, cursed under the breath of thousands of D3 athletes as they handwash their EastBay shorts or stand in line to return their uniforms after another long season. They are the blue-collar runners of the collegiate scene, toiling for the love of it, without much hope of recognition – until now.

D3 Glory Days tells the untold tales of D3 greatness. Take Missy and Andrew Rock, the First Couple of D3 running, who combined for 23 national titles. Esther Atkins was recruited from the Case Western Reserve University gym and went on to win a national title. We also talk to legendary coaches, like Al Carius and Jack Daniels.>Our first episode? Mustachioed miler hero, Will Leer. Next week’s guest is Shauneen Garrahan, who committed to Amherst before speaking to the coach and went on to win nationals in the steeplechase, the 5,000m, AND the 10,000m during her senior year.

d3 glory days citius mag

By bringing these stories to life, we hope our listeners see a little of themselves in our guests. Athletes from humble beginnings who rose to the top with minimal resources and a desire to be the best that they could be. The pursuit of one’s absolute potential, because not knowing is worse than not trying, here’s to the Glory Days.

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