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February 5, 2018

How far does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Long Jump in Skyscraper?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will star in Skyscraper, which is set to be released in theaters in July. As of right now, there’s very few details regarding the film’s plot since iMDB has it as described “as a hostage-action-thriller set in China.”

The movie poster has The Rock jumping toward the window of a building that is on fire. It’s a jump that looks remarkably tough and definitely longer than Mike Powell’s world record of 8.95 m (29 ft 4¼ in) from 1991.

On Sunday night, we tweeted a photo of the poster with Powell photoshopped in there.

DumbFlotrack tweeted for the folks at They Did The Math to try and calculate the jump’s length and they did. Here was their explanation:

“On my phone screen, he’s ¼ of an inch. The drop is ¾ of an inch. The distance is 7/4 inches. He’s about two meters tall in real life, so say he falls six meters and has to move 14 meters. Using some basic physics (H = a/2 [t^2]) I come up with a fall time of about 1.7 seconds. As a comparison, let’s take the long jump world record: 8.95 meters. He spends about 1 second in the air. 8.95×1.7= about 15 meters, so it’s probably possible for a human to make it…just not very likely unless you’re a record-setting Olympic athlete.”

CITIUS MAG friend Steve Magness gave the math a try as well and tweeted:

“If he performed a long jump , he’d have to reach about 26 mph on the takeoff to come close to making it and you can tell by how much his center of mass dropped, that he did not reach that takeoff velocity. Looks like The Rock only reached a rough velocity of 17mph based on how far he’s fallen, so he’ll fall ~4 meters short….”

Does he make the jump? Well, guess we might have to watch this movie to find out.

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