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October 3, 2017

Episode 1 | One Eighty Three Point Four

Hello. It’s me again. In an effort to be fully transparent, I’m going to tell you something: this is a bias post.

My girlfriend has been interviewing, filming, snapping photos, and traveling with Northern Arizona Elite for the last few months while she works on a project for the group. The project is called One Eighty Three Point Four and it’s called this mysterious algebraic name because if you multiply 26.2 (miles in a marathon) by seven (number of NAZ athletes running a marathon this fall) your ol’ Texas Instrument would spit out 183.4. CLEVER.

This first episode of three is an introduction to team members and their goals this fall. It’s quite good and you get to see Scott Fauble’s stupid/cute puppy so I’d say it’s worth your time. Watch it above!

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