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March 27, 2018

First Things First: A New Citius Mag Video Series – First Guest: Robby Andrews

Flagstaff, Arizona is home to Route 66, Pluto, and 1/5th of the Citius Mag Small Council. The Big Three, as it were. Flagstaff also happens to host the world’s top runners for weeks at a time as come to train in the terribly thin air. Because we don’t want to waste all of this serendipity, we’ll be launching a video series called “First Things First.” The gist is simple and beautiful: ask athletes some softball questions while they eat a hamburger. We think we are really on to something.

The pilot episode was with 1,500-meter star Robby Andrews. Probably the biggest takeaway was when he told us Oreos are vegan. I think that got cut from the final edit, but watch and find out!


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