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August 21, 2017

Running Documentaries and Videos You Should Watch #8: Gabe

During the week of this year’s USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, I was following Nick Symmonds for an upcoming documentary that I’ve been filming on his final track season. (That project will be coming end of this year so stay tuned here for more details).  As I was tagging along with him, I ended up at a small mixer that Brooks Running was hosting.  They ended up screening an early cut of “Gabe.” It’s a film on Gabe Grunewald’s 2017 outdoor track season and battle with cancer.  Even though I saw an early cut of the film, I was blown away and knew this would be one of the best running documentaries to come out this year.

Photographer David Bracetty puts on his filmmaking shoes and really delivers a tough and raw story to tell.  Documentaries shot in the “Fly on the Wall” style, are a rare breed within sports and especially in track and field.  That style allows to dig into the main subject’s psyche and personality in a way unlike anyother style. A lot of it has to deal with trust between the subject and the director.  You can tell there was a great amount of trust between the two, to tell her story.

The 25-minute film will encourage any viewer to push through life’s challenges and pursue what’s most important. Keep up the good fight, Gabe.

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