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August 9, 2017

IAAF World Championships Day 6 Preview: Allyson Felix Gets Her Rematch

One of the most dramatic finishes at last summer’s Olympic Games took place in the women’s 400 meters, where Shaunae Miller-Zibo of the Bahamas dove across the finish line to narrowly defeat Allyson Felix. They’re facing off again this afternoon in the rematch, and it’s expected to be every bit as close as it was last time around. There’s plenty more action slated for today and we’ve got a quick preview of it all right here.


Today is another single-session day of competition, starting at 2:05pm EDT. It starts off with some distance heats and field event qualifying but wraps up with three championship finals and some killer 200 meter semifinals. So if you have limited time to watch today, make it that 4:30 to 5:00 window.

And how, exactly, can you watch?


Today’s action will be televised in the USA live on NBC Sports Network from 2:00 to 5:00pm EDT and in tape-delayed fashion on the Olympic Channel from 8:00 to 11:30pm.

Lie streams will be available to US viewers via NBC Sports Gold. There will be a track-centric all-event stream plus one each dedicated to each field event, along with a simulcast stream of the NBCSN television broadcast. A “track and field pass” is required ($70 per year) but is well worth the cost – and unlike other broadcasters’ online platforms, no cable subscription is necessary for access.

Online coverage in Canada will be via from 1:00pm EDT. There will be no CBC television coverage today.

The IAAF will also offer a live stream via YouTube and Facebook which will be available in a large number of nations which includes Canada but not the USA. The IAAF Radio service will be available globally and can be accessed through both the IAAF website and the IAAF mobile app.

Determined fans can bypass various geoblocking measures by installing a VPN. Exceptionally determined fans can view CBC broadcasts by temporarily relocating to a postindustrial hellscape such as Detroit, Buffalo, or Toledo.

We also highly recommend the live results & text commentary page at the IAAF website.


Headline Event: Women’s 400 meter finals
4:50pm EDT
Medal favorites: Allyson Felix (USA), Shaunae Miller-Uibo (Bahamas), Phyllis Francis (USA)
US qualifiers: Felix, Francis
Canadian qualifiers: none

As I said at the top, this is the rematch of last summer’s dramatic Olympic final and could be another classic race. Francis and Bahrain’s Salwa Eid Naser are possible interlopers.

2:05pm: Women’s Steeplechase heats
Qualifying format: the first three in each of three heats plus the next six fastest will qualify to the final
US entries: Colleen Quigley, Courtney Frerichs, Emma Coburn
Canadian entries: Alycia Butterworth, Geneviève Lalonde, Maria Bernard

Forty-two entrants are being trimmed down to fifteen finalists, so these are going to be some fairly tough races.

2:10pm: Women’s Long Jump qualifying
Qualifying format: the top twelve from two flights qualify to the final, with 6.70 meters or better doing so automatically
US entries: Tianna Bartoletta, Quanesha Burks, Brittney Reese, Shakeela Saunders
Canadian entry: Christabel Nettey

Bartoletta and Reese are long jumping rivals on the level of Carl Lewis and Mike Powell, so the hope is that both have no errors and get to the final.

2:20pm: Men’s Hammer Throw qualifying
Qualifying format: the top twelve from two flights qualify to the final, with 75.50 meters or better doing so automatically
US entries: Rudy Winkler, Alex Young, Kibwe Johnson
Canadian entries: none

The men’s hammer throw is the domain of athletes whose names appear unpronounceable to native English speakers. It would be a major success for any of the Americans to qualify to the final.

3:05pm: Men’s 5000 meters semifinals
Qualifying format: the first five in each of two heats plus the next five fastest will qualify to the final
US entries: Eric Jenkins, Ryan Hill, Paul Chelimo
Canadian entries: Justyn Knight, Mo Ahmed

Again the field will be trimmed from forty-two to fifteen finalists, which gives relatively small room for error. All of the Americans and Canadians are good enough to make the final but will have to run up to their abilities to do it.

3:25pmpm: Women’s Shot Put final
Medal favorites: Michelle Carter (USA), Anita Márton (Hungary), Lijiao Gong (China)
US qualifiers: Carter, Raven Saunders
Canadian qualifier: Brittany Crew

Carter is the favorite based not on her performances this year but on her proven ability to come through in the clutch. Saunders is a legitimate medal threat as well.

3:55pm: Men’s 200 meters semifinals
Qualifying format: the first two in each of three heats plus the next two fastest will qualify to Wednesday’s finals
US qualifiers: Isiah Young, Kyree King, Ameer Webb
Canadian qualifiers: none

Webb should have a decent chance at the final, while Young and King might need PR-level runs to get there. This does get wonky where we’ll see Isaac Makwala possibly in these semifinals, if he’s able to run faster than 20.53 in a solo time trial. It’s been a strange few days for Makwala as he was quarantined and forced to miss the 400m final.

4:33pm: Men’s 400 meter hurdles final
Medal favorites: Kerron Clement (USA), Karsten Warholm (Norway), Kemar Mowatt (Jamaica)
US qualifiers: Clement, TJ Holmes
Canadian qualifiers: none

Clement is a clear favorite but after that it’s a complete tossup. Holmes has twice played a huge role in winning the NCAA team title for his Florida Gators and maybe he can come through one more time.

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