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September 16, 2020

Big Sky Country Requires Big Sends Only

This Saturday I’m going for an unsupported 50K with eyes on the Fastest Known Time. Now personal milestones are great and all, but how do the miles matter? I’m asking y’all to check out two things.

1) I’d love it if you signed up for HBCUs Outside’s #BlackToTheTrails5K for Global Trail Running Day! They’re an amazing 501c3 dedicated to diversifying the outdoors. So, anytime between September 19th and the 27th, go for a hike, run, use your adaptive device, you name it – and upload it! Head over to their website for even more info and resources.

2) I’ve spent the last six month out here in Montana and it’s been amazing. I’ve spent most of my time on Public Lands. These are Lands that have been stolen from Native people. Throghout the COVID-19 pandemic, indigenous communities have been among the most affected. I’m asking folks to match my donation ($1 for every kilometer ran) to the Western Native Voices Covid-19 Relief fund.

“It has been established to respond to urgent requests from Montana’s Native leaders for resources to support their communities, protect elders, and ensure front line workers have the protection and supplies they need. PPE, water, cleaning supplies, food and medication delivery support for elders and the immunocompromised, and educational tools are all needed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through Montana’s Tribal Nations.”

matthew luke meyer black to the trails fastest known time

TLDR; I’m running a lot up a ski mountain and it would mean the world to me if you helped support these causes. Thanks y’all.

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