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April 13, 2017

Running Documentaries and Videos You Should Watch #1 : Mile 19

Hey guys, I’m RJ McNichols and you’ll occasionally see me pop on here to share some interesting and visually appealing videos from the running world. I’ve directed and produced two feature length running documentaries and several other smaller projects. Always down to share what inspires and teaches me.

Mile 19 was on my Vimeo Watch list for about a few days, when I came across on it at the Short Film Curation site, Short of the Week.  The other morning, my friend, Tim Jefferies (who also inspired another post on this site) told me I needed to watch it.  As a guy who wants to make running movies great again, I took his word of advice and watched it immediately.

My stoke factor went through the roof within the first minute of watching it.  Mile 19 is about a mail man from Los Angeles named Johnnie.  Outside of delivering the mail, Johnnie runs. He not only has ran 30 marathons, but 30 LA Marathons (At the time of completion of the film, there has only been 30 LA Marathons ever put on).  As you watch this 10 minute short, there is more to running for Johnnie than just completing another marathon.  Although Johnnie hasn’t achieved the level of a world class athlete, he does have a small place in LA Marathon’s history books.

The short documentary will make you laugh and have a few of your heartstrings pulled.  Go ahead and take 10 minutes out of your day and watch this… you deserve it!

Got an interesting running documentary or video that you’d like to share? Email it my way [email protected]

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