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November 16, 2017

Wood Report: NCAA Cross Country Championship Men’s Team Projections

The 2017 NCAA Cross Country Championships are here. It’s been a long time coming. I can think back upon opening Excel in the summer to start up on crunching the numbers for this but it’s finally real. In the very first rankings, I left out BYU because I didn’t want to show any bias and didn’t want it to have an impact on the team seeing the numbers but word gets around and the team showed how good it was so it would be silly not to include them. For those curious on the method to the madness, here is the introductory post on how I’ve devised my rankings and ratings from back in September. We’ll see how right and how wrong I am on Saturday. Regardless of my personal results, we are in for a thrilling race and one of the best in years on both the individual and team levels.

You’ll hear from me again after the NCAA cross country championships when we wrap up all the action but if this is one of the last things that you read from me, thank you for following along all season. You can reach me at @Wood_Report on Twitter. If you’re in Louisville, say what’s up. I’ll be the tall guy in BYU apparel.

Place Team Points
1 BYU 85
2 Northern Arizona 86
3 Syracuse 186
4 Stanford 225
5 Portland 230
6 Arkansas 249
7 Colorado 270
8 Oklahoma State 324
9 Oregon 340
10 Furman 342
11 Colorado State 351
12 Washington 390
13 Southern Utah 415
14 Ole Miss 428
15 Iona 429
16 Alabama 436
17 Iowa State 457
18 Virginia Tech 463
19 Michigan 473
20 Air Force 492
21 Middle Tennessee State 495
22 UCLA 515
23 Texas 519
24 Michigan State 521
25 Princeton 557
26 North Carolina State 605
27 Boise State 618
28 Utah State 638
29 Virginia 642
30 Washington State 732
31 Navy 788
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