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Allie Kieffer on Returning to NYC Marathon, Discussing Body Image Talk, LetsRun Criticism

“There’s a lot of people who look like me and feel like me and say something like, ‘Amen, sister! Let’s get it! We’re the bigger ladies!’ But there’s the other side too with people who might be too thin and they’ll say, ‘You’re giving me hope and I know I’m underweight. Can you say something to me to lift up my spirits?’ It’s so meaningful that people are reaching out and trying to get help. If I can open that subject up so we can ask for help and see someone that’s successful, that doesn’t look emaciated, then that could be saving lives. I do feel like there is a very negative culture, especially in collegiate running, of girls being way too thin. The whole culture of a team can be that way. It’s not just that one person that you see doing that. You see it and think that’s what you need to do to be good but I saw it ruin careers. It could also ruin lives. I think they’re all meaningful to me when I get a message and I try to keep up with those.”

Allie Kieffer joins The CITIUS MAG Podcast before she takes on the 2018 New York City Marathon. The Big Apple was the site of her major marathon breakthrough in 2017. She finished fifth overall in 2:29:39, which was also a personal best by more than 15 minutes. The only American woman ahead of her was Shalane Flanagan, who became the first U.S. woman to win the race in 40 years.

Since last November, Allie signed a professional contract with Oiselle and moved to Boulder to train under Brad Hudson. If the name sounds familiar, he is also the coach of past podcast guest Parker Stinson. Workouts seem to indicate that Allie may be in for another big race and she says that she wants to run fast. We discuss her training including why she’s raced back-to-back half marathons. Allie reveals what she’s learned from studying tape and film of other marathoners.

Allie is also very vocal about body image activism. Her Instagram page is filled with various posts about her past struggles with weight and body image and how she is now comfortable with her body. We discuss the process of what’s made her comfortable in that conversation and how others have responded. We also make note of the LetsRun message boards and why she’s OK with reading some of the criticism that can sometimes end up there.

All that plus listener questions from Instagram…

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