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Amy Regan Joins the D3 Glory Days Podcast


“I don’t need 20 trophies, I just need to see our program headed in that direction and make it more normal for Stevens Women to qualify and compete at that (national) level.”

This week we sat down with Stevens Institute of Technology star, Amy Regan. Her career at Stevens was something no one predicted. Her senior year travels in high school forced her to go out for the cross country team instead of her first sport, soccer. As she was looking for colleges, she asked the Stevens coach if she would be able to join the team. From there, Amy ramped up her training from 1 mile a day in high school to 60-80 miles a week in college. From her one season in high school to her first ear in college, Amy took a leap into the unknown. She was 68th at her high school conference meet, a year later she was 40th at D3 Nationals.

Amy continued to progress throughout her college career while taking on a leadership role. While she enjoyed her national success, she wanted more than anything to run with her team at the national meet. By her senior year, Amy was at the line with her team when she won her second XC national title.

All in all, Amy took home 6 National Titles (2 in XC, 4 in Track), 8 All America Awards (1 in XC, 7 in Track), and has 3 Top 10 times of all Time in the Indoor 3k, 5k and the 10k.

Amy continued her passion for running by qualifying for the Olympic Trials Marathon in 2020. She did so after her debut marathon. She looks to qualify once again for the 2024 Olympic Trials. You can follow Amy on Instagram.

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amy regan d3 glory days


On having success early on without someone to look up to:

“The athlete that I was gonna become at Stevens that I didn’t know at that time, wasn’t on the team already. I had to forge my own path but everybody was super supported in unique ways.”

On her coach guiding her through success:

“He truly educated me on the things that I should be celebrating in the moment or else I would have had no idea what I was doing”
On how she views running:
“Running was always that outlet. Running is the oxygen I need to do everything else”
On her goal of getting her team to a national meet:
“I don’t need 20 trophies, I just need to see our program headed in that direction and make it more normal for Stevens Women to qualify and compete at that (national) level.”
On training again after college:
“It was really important to get forced to step away so that I was the one coming back to the sport and knowing it was my decision to come back to compete and train again.”

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