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Ben Flanagan On Winning the NCAA 10,000m Title, His Mom, Trusting The Process

Ben Flanagan was one of the biggest surprises at the 2018 NCAA Championships with his win in the 10,000 meters. In his final race in a Michigan uniform, he unleashed a crazy kick to stun pre-race favorite Vincent Kiprop in the final 200 meters. Flanagan won by just .46 seconds in a career-best of 28:34.53 and became the first Michigan man to win the 10,000m title since 1989.

Flanagan went viral after he was caught on camera saying, “Where’s My Mom? Where’s My Mom?” immediately after crossing the finish line. He joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast to take us through the months leading up to his race, the 24 hours in Eugene and why he ended up calling out for his mother. Click here to get his mother’s perspective of the race.

Ben shares insight into coping with injuries, visualizing goals and how he came to believe that he could be the NCAA champion.

We received a lot of listener questions on Instagram and many of them were answered on the show including:

  • What’s your favorite dish made by your mom?
  • What’s the first thing that he said to his mom?
  • How has coach Kevin Sullivan contributed and impacted him as a runner?
  • What’s his favorite thing to do in Michigan?
  • What were some of his high school times and what was his development like?
  • What was he listening to before the 10,000 meters?
  • What are his post-collegiate training plans?
  • How was Taylor’s the night after the race?

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You can watch the race finish below:

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