Cam Levins Smashes Canadian, North American Marathon Records In 2:05:36, Targeting Medals At World Championships

“You don’t just take fourth at the World Championships randomly. I think I can be one of the best in the world if we continue to improve here. That’s what the goal has basically become. It was a dream. Now it’s a goal.”

Cam Levins just smashed the Canadian record in the marathon for the second year in a row, clocking in at an astounding 2:05:36 at the Tokyo Marathon. And get this – that time also breaks the North American record that has stood since 2002. But it’s not just the numbers that are impressive. Cam’s journey to get here is equally inspiring.

At 33 years old, Cam is still pushing himself to new limits, now under the guidance of Jim Finlayson. We explore that relationship and how they got connected.

We also talk about his training regimen including going back to triples and double-threshold training. We dive into his mindset, self-belief and what drives him to keep pushing himself to be the best he can be.

Also, if Cam can get into that 2:05 range, what’s it going to take to get an American at that level? Plus, Cam shares what race he’s got coming up next.

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cam levins tokyo marathon


– “I look at each marathon and each goal for the season as another step towards being as ready as I can be in Paris. I want to continue to improve and continue to move forward bit by bit. Even as well as I’m running, I know I need to get that much better to have a really solid shot at medaling. I’m planning on the World Championships in Budapest as my next race and I’m planning to be in a medal position there.”


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Chris Chavez

Chris Chavez launched CITIUS MAG in 2016 as a passion project while working full-time for Sports Illustrated. He covered the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and grew his humble blog into a multi-pronged media company. He completed all six World Marathon Majors and is an aspiring sub-five-minute miler.

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