Dalilah Muhammad On Unlocking Her Longevity To Become One of The Most Decorated Hurdlers In History

The CITIUS MAG Podcast

January 24, 2023

“I think we just changed it into a sprint. Before you had to pace yourself through the 400m hurdles and there was this slow build…Just to put that much speed in the beginning over the first three hurdles vs. what it used to be, we’re going all out.”

2016 Olympic champion, 2019 world champion, former world record holder and one of the most accomplished female 400m hurdles athletes of all time, Dalilah Muhammad joins The CITIUS MAG Podcast.

Born in Jamaica, Queens and discovered by NY Novas Track Club at the age of 4. She went on to become a World Youth Champion, NCAA All-American at USC and then pro before being the most decorated 400m hurdler in American history. She’s got a world championship medal of every color after taking bronze last year in the 400m hurdles while pretty injured. We’ll be discussing how she’s managed her longevity to become one of the most accomplished athletes of her generation, her struggles and triumphs and her thoughts on the future of the 400m hurdles led by Sydney McLaughlin, herself and Femke Bol. Oh…also a little 800m talk?

If you want to go back and read my story from 2019 in Sports Illustrated from when Dalilah first broke the world record, you can find it here.

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– “I do feel like the vet like 100%. I’m turning 33 in February and my training partner is turning 23 and our birthdays are a week apart. So when I’m if you tell me how this year is turning, I was like, Wow, we are ten years apart… (At this point), it’s kind of just like, ‘What else? What else do I want to do? Which is what else I want to do just for me.'”

– “It was literally maybe a week before Worlds and it was just like, ‘I don’t want to give up the chance of getting a medal and I feel like I can potentially get a medal.'”


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