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Des Linden On Returning To The Boston Marathon, 50K World Record, Her Broadcasting Career + Formula1


“Boston is such a crazy race. I feel like if you can get to the start line feeling healthy and you’ve run on the course before and I’ve done that and I know it races, crazy things happen there. If I’m on the starting line, I’m going to give myself a chance. Last fall was really tough because I wasn’t fit and I didn’t totally want to be on the start line but we said, ‘Eh, we’ll just go out and try.’ I feel like I’m still building back up from just that. I don’t love my odds but if I’m healthy on the line, I’m not like, ‘I have no shot.’ I’m always going to give myself a chance.”

I believe this is 2018 Boston Marathon champion and 2x U.S. Olympian Des Linden’s third time on the show and the first since 2020 when we may have enjoyed a bit too much whiskey on the air but it was the pandemic so who could blame us. In this episode, we catch up on everything she’s been up to including training for this year’s race, her foray into broadcasting with NBC, our shared love for Formula 1, where she sees her career right now and much more. It’s always a pleasure to kick back with one of U.S. marathoning’s all-time greats.

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des linden 2022 boston marathon

Photo by Kevin Morris/@kevmofoto


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Her timeline on moving on from the marathons to the ultras

“I would like to still be competitive or have one more or two more where you go, ‘That was really satisfying. I had a really nice buildup and put together a race that showed that I’m solid at this.’ This build-up doesn’t feel like that. We’ll see what we get on race day though. Who knows? That’s what’s keeping me in it. There are days where I’m hitting 5:35s and I’ll call Josh (Cox) and ask, ‘Ultras. What’s on the schedule?’ That’s much closer now. There’s no level of comparison there because I can’t say, ‘Well in the past I ran X for a marathon.’ When you hit that max, you say, ‘Let’s go see what I can do here’ and not have that ‘I gotta match it or be better than it.'”

On what she visualizes now in practice for Boston

“That’s kind of a thing that’s been missing for the last couple of years because racing was off the table for so long. You sort of stopped picturing it. Now it’s being scrappy in the middle. If I’m contention, I already know whether it’s a sprint finish or being out there alone, I just imagine fighting hard in the middle sections.”

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