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Gwen Jorgensen on joining the Bowerman Track Club and committing to the marathon

A quick bonus episode of The CITIUS MAG Podcast to get you through the rest of your week.

Earlier this week, I released an extensive Q&A with Olympic triathlon champion Gwen Jorgensen. It’s generated a bit of chatter online in a good way. If you’re a fan of the sport, it’s definitely something worth getting excited about: How a gold medalist in one sport translates into another with the lofty goal of winning gold again.

In the interview, she addresses everything from joining the Bowerman Track Club, coming back after pregnancy, training with Shalane and responding to the critics that give her a zero percent chance of winning gold.

Lots that and more listen up but also read the full article on SI now.

Photos for this post and the podcast provided by Talbot Cox.

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We will return to regularly scheduled programming on Friday. The show will feature an interview with former Oregon Duck distance runner Emma Abrahamson, who is making a name for herself on Youtube and just accepted a job with Doyle Management Group.

If you enjoy this interview with Gwen and you’re looking for more interviews with Bowerman Track Club runners, we have the podcast for you on the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network. Check out the Price of a Mile with Woody Kincaid. It’s a monthly-ish show hosted by Woody as he interviews his training partners and gets to know them through very candid and insightful conversations. There should be a new episode soon! He promises.

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