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Hobbs Kessler After His Historic 3:34.36 for 1,500m | A High School Record Faster Than The NCAA Record


“I have a really unique privilege of being able to do both worlds. I don’t know if anyone’s been able to work out with pros and do their easy runs with their high school team. It’s super cool. It just works because of the circumstances of my dad being the coach and Ron (Warhurst) being the assistant coach at Skyline. I wish a lot of people knew I’m not just training like a pro. I work out with those guys but I’m a high schooler and I treat running like I’m a high schooler. I just have fun with my teammates and jump in the river on runs and stuff.”

Hobbs Kessler is a high school senior competing for Skyline High School in Ann Arbor. He just made history this past weekend by running 3:34.36 for a new U.S. high school 1,500m record but it’s also now faster than the recent 3:34.68 NCAA record. Kessler’s time is faster than Jim Ryun’s U-20 record of 3:36.1 that was run back in 1966. And of course, this guarantees Kessler’s spot at the U.S. Olympic Trials later this month. What’s next for him? Well, he’s looking to win his first state title this weekend when he goes up against other people his age at the Michigan high school state meet. In this episode, you’ll learn more about his backstory including a better understanding of just how great of a rock climber he is, why his parents are his role models as runners, how coach Ron Warhurst plays the Yoda role in the Very Nice Track Club, the buzz about turning pro and much more.

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Photos by Kevin Morris

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