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Full Tub with the Jacuzzi Boys Before the Berlin Marathon

We decided to check in briefly with our friend Nick Roche, who made his first appearance on the CITIUS MAG Podcast in April, and CITIUS MAG stats editor Scott Olberding. In his first appearance on the show, Nick publicly stated that he would like to get after a U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier even if his personal best is 2:27 from last year’s Berlin Marathon. Scott also has OTQ dreams.

Both these guys manage full-time jobs while training at a high level. Nick works at Adidas. Scott works at Columbia Sportswear. They train together as members of the Jacuzzi Boys Athletic Club. They’re a group of fun guys with lofty, fast goals.

Now they’re both in Germany for this weekend’s Berlin Marathon. Nick will go for the trials mark. Scott recently had an Achilles scare and will be looking to run his best. I decided to tap into their minds before their big race and get some insight into how two normal dudes approach their biggest race of the year.

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