Jared Ward on Balancing Life As A Father and Pro Runner, Rio 2016 Memories, U.S. Men’s Marathoning

The CITIUS MAG Podcast

February 8, 2019

Just weeks after adding another baby to his family, Jared Ward finally joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast. Jared is a 2016 Olympian in the marathon, who finished sixth at the Summer Games in Rio. He holds a personal best of 2:11:30. He was the top American at November’s New York City Marathon where he ran 2:12:24.

On this episode, we spend some time chatting about his balance in life. How he manages to juggle his running career, being a father and husband, while also doing some coaching and teaching at BYU. We also take a stroll down memory lane and hear some cool, behind-the-scenes stories from his first Olympic experience. There’s more talk about the “2:10 problem” facing U.S. men’s marathoning and how he felt about the American performances at the New York City Marathon.

All that and more PLUS your listener questions.

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Chris Chavez

Chris Chavez launched CITIUS MAG in 2016 as a passion project while working full-time for Sports Illustrated. He covered the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and grew his humble blog into a multi-pronged media company. He completed all six World Marathon Majors and is an aspiring sub-five-minute miler.