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John Anderson On Broadcasting The NYC Marathon, Calling Shalane Flanagan’s Win, Track’s TV Coverage

John Anderson, who is familiar to many people as one of ESPN’s longtime SportsCenter anchors, joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast. He is one of the voices of ESPN’s broadcast for the New York City Marathon alongside Carrie Tollefson and Tim Hutchings. His voice will be familiar for years to come since New York Road Runners, WABC-TV, and ESPN extended their partnership to broadcast the New York City Marathon through the 2022 event.

I met John for the first time when I was an intern at ESPN in 2014 and we’ve been friends ever since. We usually get together when he’s in town for the marathon so I decided to ask him to come on the podcast. He said he was down so we chatted it up.

John was a high jumper at Mizzou but he shares why his high school cross country team was his favorite, an epic tale from his first marathon and what are some of the challenges in covering track and field on TV for everyone. I’ve seen a lot of criticism of the ESPN broadcast on Twitter. Some of it is fair and for some other points, you may be able to better understand how a broadcast is run after you hear from John.

Come for the sports media talk, stay for when John imagines what his call would be if I won the New York City Marathon.

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