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Kyle Merber of the HOKA One One NJ-NY Track Club Answers Your Listener Questions

We finally deliver one of the most requested episodes. Kyle Merber joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast to take all your listener questions. Thanks a lot to all of the listeners who sent in questions. We did our best to get to as many of them but definitely ran out of time and will have to bring Merber back on the show at another point.

Here are some of the questions discussed:

– Who has the best kick in U.S. middle distance running right now?
– Most intense Gags story from practice
– Best race that he’s witnessed in person or was part of?
– Any plans to move up from the 1,500 meters to the 5,000 meters?
– Is Merber considering dual Irish citizenship?
– Most memorable David Torrence story?
– Why does he wear a headband?
– More talk about seltzer than you’d expect to hear on a podcast
– What’s the story behind his Twitter avatar?
– Are we ever going to get a Real Maine 2?

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