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Marvin Bracy’s Untraditional Career Path To The Top of U.S. Sprinting, NFL vs. Track Debate


“In this sport, it’s always about what have you done for me lately. All I can do is control what I can control moving forward. That’s: Running fast, making teams and getting medals…This is my fifth indoor USAs and my third team. It meant so much to get positive feedback from people who are actually fans of track and saw that after the Olympics I was able to put together more races and show I’m still here.”

My guest for this episode is Marvin Bracy, who just finished second in the 60-meter dash at the U.S. Indoor Track and Field Championships. He tied his personal best of 6.48. Last year, he ran a 100m personal best of 9.85. He was an Olympian in 2016 in Rio and there’s a chance that he was going to make the team again last year but hurt himself in the semifinal. The years between Rio and 2021 are fascinating to observe. You don’t see any results on his World Athletics profile from 2017 to 2019 because he took a break to play pro football in the AAF. He was a high school star in track and football, spent time with the FSU football team in college before focusing on track. We dive into his background and much more.

The sprints are such short races that it’s hard to get some of these athletes’ stories across. My hope is that after hearing Marvin’s story here, you’ve got an extra reason or two to root for him. Yes…we also discuss these hypothetical races being floated against Tyreek Hill and NFL players. If there’s any active pro track star who has an understanding of NFL speed and track speed, it’s Marvin.

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