TikTok Star Mrs. Space Cadet’s Running Journey Has Blown Up From Pandemic Struggles to 700K Followers

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December 31, 2021

“I never thought I would inspire anybody in life. I quit everything. I was never an inspiring person. To see me now, by just sharing my story of going from really sad to really glad and that being able to inspire somebody is a dream come true. I love making videos. I love sharing my story. I love oversharing, as my husband would say. The fact that it can help people is like, ‘Are you kidding this is amazing?!” It is just more motivation to keep going, keep making videos and keep running because there are so many benefits that it’s brought to me. Seeing the change that it brings other people is addicting and it never gets old.”

We welcome Erin Azar – also known as Mrs. Space Cadet. She’s a rapidly-growing social media star with 720,000 TikTok followers and 70,000 Instagram followers. She describes herself as an “expert struggle runner and struggle lifer making running more approachable for beginners.” I first learned of her in Dec. 2020 when she was a guest on Dana’s podcast. She is one of the people who really picked up the sport during the pandemic and chronicled her journey on Tiktok to millions of viewers. The sport is growing right now and there are thousands of people like Erin. In this episode, we recap her experience in this running journey including running the NYC Marathon and also how we can get someone like her to connect with track and field since there’s typically that disconnect. This is a fun conversation and I hope you all enjoy it as we wrap up the year and start an epic 2022.

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