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Parker Stinson Details His Road Back From Knee Surgery With Eyes on Top American At The Boston Marathon


“I want to be top American at a World Marathon Major. I want to take that step forward. It’s taken me a lot longer to get to that point. That’s just how it goes sometimes with surgeries, setbacks and there not being that many opportunities…Boston is hard though.”

Welcome back to the podcast, Parker Stinson. The last time he was on this show, he was getting ready to run the 2018 Chicago Marathon and still had a bit of work to prove himself as a pro runner on the roads following his successful career at the University of Oregon. After a coaching switch from Brad Hudson to Dathan Ritzenhein, Parker seemed to find a bit of that spark that he needed and had a strong 2019 campaign that included running a 25K American record of 1:13:48 and then a 2:10.:53 marathon in Chicago that fall.

Unfortunately, he had to scratch from the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials due to an injury – which he’ll talk about in this episode and then underwent knee surgery in 2020. The road back hasn’t been easy but Parker peels back the curtain on that process and why he’s ready to give it a go at the Boston Marathon. Is a possible rivalry brewing with Scott Fauble?

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