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Ryan Fenton Reminisces on the Early Flotrack Days, Growing the Sport, Calling Chris Solinsky’s 10K American Record

“I’ll always be so appreciative of having the experience of being able to do what you love. People always say that they work to make their passion into their day-to-day life & get paid to do it. I was able to do that.”

Real run junkies will love this episode.

Ryan Fenton joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast to discuss how he went from being Flotrack’s first employee in the running division to the director of global rights acquisitions and partnerships for FloSports. From 2008 to 2013, Ryan was at the heart of Flotrack’s daily digital content. Whether it was recurring video series like Run Junkie or calling high school, college and professional meets on a weekly basis, Ryan helped build Flotrack into one of the go-to media sites for running coverage. In 2012, he gave me a shot as a contributor, which led to three very awesome years where I worked alongside him, Alex Lohr and Mitch Kastoff to keep growing. I owe a lot to Ryan for his help in guiding me through the sport.

On this episode, we’ll explore how he discovered Flotrack, what made him leave his job and believe in Mark Floreani’s startup site, what he loved about covering the sport, calling Chris Solinsky’s 10K American record, advice for young people wanting to get into the track media landscape and much more. Plus, what’s he been up to in his new role over the past two years?

All that and more on the latest episode of the CITIUS MAG Podcast.

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