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Sarah Cotton on producing One Eighty Three Point Four – the NAZ Elite Documentary

We mix things up on the latest episode of the CITIUS MAG Podcast by talking movies. Sarah Cotton, the former Georgetown distance runner turned filmmaker, joins the show to discuss her new film One Eighty Three Point Four. The film has been following the Northern Arizona Elite group in Flagstaff throughout their training for the fall marathon season. We discuss the state of running films, the process of making a film like this, her plans for other running projects going forward and much more. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at one of the best running films that you’ll see this year.

Sarah has also started getting into trail running and recently won the Mt. Hood 50K. She gives a little insight into her balance into running and film making as well as shares a few recovery tips.

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Fun topics in the podcast include casting the NAZ Elite training group with real life actors (Scott Fauble is a young Ron Howard) as well as what was left on the editing floor for the first episode.

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