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Scott Fauble Puts Trials Disappointment Behind Him for Redemption at The Marathon Project


“It sucked at the time and it sucked for a long time afterward. But, that was a pretty useful feeling. Being disappointed is a pretty big motivator. I’m not going to cop out of the fact that I really wanted to go to the Olympics.”

CITIUS MAG Podcast regular Scott Fauble returns to the show and opens up about how he processed the disappointment of his 12th place finish at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials and rekindled his enthusiasm for the sport. We discuss when he started feeling more like himself again, his training and preparation for Sunday’s Marathon Project, what’s going to prevent this from being a “waste” of a year and much more including listener/live viewer questions.

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“I let myself be really sad and I let myself be sad for a long time. The reason that lasted so long was because there was nothing on the schedule. I don’t that I would have been more or less sad if a New York or a Boston had gone that poorly. Maybe there’s more pressure at the Olympic Trials. I don’t know. I think I put just as much or more pressure on myself to do well because I really wanted to than any outside force.”

“After the race, I pretty quickly headed up to Portland because my girlfriend is going to physical therapy school up there…I didn’t even go out the door most days. For two weeks, I took off period. No matter what I was going to do that anyway. For probably three weeks after that, I was supposed to be training kind of by starting easy and stuff. I maybe ran like seven times in the next three weeks because I just didn’t want to. The thing I wanted to do was – before COVID hit hard and there were no more bar openings – I wanted to take my dog on a walk for one mile down the road. There’s a bar called The Pitstop. I wanted to go there and I wanted to drink three bloody mary’s and then walk back. That’s what I wanted to do so I let myself do that. I was probably drinking too much not just at The Pitstop with wine and beer or whatever was at the house. I just let myself be sad. I’ve been very fortunate in the fact that I never really had a long, extended period of being down. I also didn’t have a long and extended period where I wasn’t training nor did I want to train. I just let it come back a little more naturally.

When her classes went virtual, we got a place in central Oregon that was in the middle of the woods. It was really pretty and so that kind of sparked enough motivation to six or seven miles a day to kind of not just get the running back on track but starting to do all the rehab exercises and mobility exercises that I was doing before. I just let it build from there. There were days when we were in central Oregon when I didn’t run because I got up and didn’t want to. Maybe that’s not the most professional thing but that’s kind of what I needed at the time. With no races on the schedule and not even being in Flagstaff and then COVID hitting everyone hard, my coach Ben Rosario really gave me space to do whatever I needed to do to process the trials.

When I eventually got back to Flagstaff in maybe April or early May, I got back into the team group and there were opportunities to be kind of competitive in workouts that weren’t up my alley. So, there were situations where I had to dig and then just let the excitement for the sport build after that.”


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