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Scott Smith on the Frankfurt Marathon, Still Chasing Sub-4, Idiot Marathoner and more

There aren’t too many marathoners out there who are training at a high level for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials and still chasing the dream of breaking four minutes for the mile. Meet Scott Smith of Northern Arizona Elite.

The 2:14 marathoner joins the podcast ahead of his race at the Frankfurt Marathon. He has not raced a marathon since the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in February 2016, where he finished 14th overall. He discusses how he felt about that performance and moved forward from it. Smith seems to love tough and warm marathons with two 26.2 races in Los Angeles and a steamy world championships in Beijing in 2015. He expresses his optimism for cool and fast conditions in his next race.

Fun topics include his brother’s pursuit of a 3:30 marathon without running more than five miles at a time, Thank You Meb, California high school track, Game of Thrones/TV binging and more. He’s thought long and hard about the 25 shots from halfcourt/25 years in prison question and his answer is great.

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The photos and artwork for this episode were provided by Sarah Cotton, who is working on a documentary on NAZ Elite. Follow @oneeightythreepointfour on Instagram for updates on the film.

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