Sifan Hassan On Her Six-Weeks Of Training For The 2023 Chicago Marathon

The CITIUS MAG Podcast

October 7, 2023

"For me, it’s about challenging myself & seeing what I can do. I want to get excited. If I’m too comfortable, I don’t do well. I want to make myself a little bit of pressure so I can do well."

Sifan Hassan has defied every expectation of how an athlete is supposed to transition to the marathon. Her debut in London was full of issues, with Hassan experiencing trouble fueling and having to stop to stretch her quad. In the later miles of the race, she even narrowly missed getting hit by a motorbike trying to pick up a water bottle. Oh yeah, and she won in 2:18:33.

Then five weeks later she was back on the track racing a 10,000m and 1500m, kept her season going into August, attempted to triple in the 1500m/5000m/10,000m in Budapest, and came out with two medals, all while in the middle of her buildup for Chicago.

If, by some miracle, that effort hasn’t completely burnt her legs out from under her, she has to be considered one of the biggest – if not the biggest – threat to Ruth Chepngetich’s attempted title defense.

Host: Chris Chavez | @chris_j_chavez on Instagram

Guest: Sifan Hassan | @sifanhassan on Instagram

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