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Trevor Hofbauer On Going from A Relative Unknown to Canadian Marathon Champion, ‘Keep Showing Up’

Calgary’s Trevor Hofbauer joins the CITIUS MAG Podcast just days after locking up his automatic berth for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo by finishing as the top Canadian man at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

It marked the second Canadian marathon title in three years for Hofbauer as he upset Canadian record holder Cam Levins (3rd place, 2:15:01). Last year, Levins broke the Canadian record in Toronto in 2:09:25 and two years ago, Hofbauer celebrated into the finish line chute when he won in 2:18:05. This time around, he didn’t celebrate until he made the final turn and saw the clock before the finish. He managed to lower his personal best from 2:16:48 in April’s Hamburg Marathon to 2:09:51.

After his race, he tweeted: “There’s a guy that lives in Calgary, trains solo except on LR Sunday’s with the guys, trains based off of feel, isn’t dictated by numbers, doesn’t care about likes and follows, and he’s a 2:09 guy. KEEP SHOWING UP”

On Tuesday, he published a blog titled “Keep Showing Up” where he detailed the six-year journey to get to this point.

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📷 Thanks to Jody Bailey for the photo! Lots of great work from him in the Canadian pro and underground racing scene.

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