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Podcast: Would you rather win the Boston Marathon or run at the Olympics?

We opened up our voicemail line again for another edition of the Citius Mag Podcast’s voicemail show. This week’s questions were answered by Chris, Paul and Stephen (with a guest appearance by Jeanne).

If you want to leave us a voicemail, call us: (646) 780-9218

Here’s a taste of some questions from our listeners that we answered:

How fast do you have to be to get your school’s logo tattoo’ed on your body?

What was our impression of our first Hero of the Week in our Best Track and Field head shots?

How soon after eating a burrito, could a professional runner run a mile under four minutes?

What can I do to stay healthier for longer periods of time before I head to college?

Is it in your best interest to shave your chest hair if its weak? If so, do you also have to shave your legs?

Would you rather win the Boston Marathon or run at the Olympics?

Is a speed suit acceptable in the 10K?

And more…

Listen to the latest episode below and subscribe on iTunes.

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