Zac Clark: ‘Running Is One Of The Greatest Tools I’ve Been Given’

“I do some of my best thinking when I’m on my long runs. Today, we’ve talked a lot about my recovery and my sobriety. Running is one of the greatest tools I’ve been given because any time I can go reset the mind. People in my life know that. They’ll say, ‘Dude, go for a run. Let’s talk after.’ Because it’s such a release for me.”

Some of you might be familiar with Zac Clark since he won the most recent season of The Bachelorette and is currently engaged to Tayshia Adams. In this episode, you’ll learn a lot about Zac’s come-up in New Jersey and the many struggles along the way in his life that really spiraled after he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor and got addicted to pain medication shortly thereafter. Drinking, drugs and partying took a toll on him and his relationship at the time. There’s a lot in his life story, which was shared a bit on national TV last fall. Zac went to rehab and got his life together and now serves as the co-founder of Release Recovery, which is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to ensuring all who are ready and willing to seek professional treatment are able to. Release Recovery’s Foundation offers scholarships to bridge the gap between what people can afford and what they need to get the resources and help that they need.

Trust me. Running comes into the picture and it’s one of Zac’s biggest passions. He’s run the New York City Marathon four times. He plans on running London and New York this fall. He’s been joining me and some friends for workouts the past couple of months. We’re working on getting him faster. In response, he says we need to commit to doing one hard effort with him a year so that’s how I got roped into attempting the David Goggins Challenge with him next week. That’s four miles every four hours for 48 hours for 48 miles total. A bunch of people did it at the beginning of March. We recorded this conversation at the beginning of the month and now we’re doing it April 9-11. Keep your eyes peeled on Zac’s social media pages as well as my own for updates on how we’re doing. I know it’s not gonna be easy but I’m ready to push my limits and hopefully raise some good money along the way.

If you feel inspired by Zac’s story, we’re calling on you to see if you can find 48 bucks for the 48 miles we’re gonna run or maybe 4 dollars and 80 cents. Donate here:

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