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Charlie Marquardt Joins The D3 Glory Days Podcast


Welcome to D3 Glory Days on the Citius Mag Podcast Network, on this week’s program we’re happy to welcome Haverford alum Charlie Marquardt.

In a story familiar to Michael Jordan fans, Charlie didn’t make the varsity track team as a young high school athlete but rose through the California high school ranks quickly before deciding to travel across the country to join the Haverford College Black Squirrels.

Our conversation was anchored by Charlie’s journey to his first sub-4-minute mile but we also discuss the influence great teammates can have on a career. We also touch on the importance of getting out of your own head to break past performance barriers, among other things.

This is a conversation you’ll want to hear all the way through, as Charlie gets a chance to reflect on a satisfying career, where he discovered potential he didn’t expect was there and understand the satisfaction that comes with the pursuit of potential.

Charlie’s 3:55.9 mile PB ranks him third all-time among Division III alums.

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d3 glory days charlie marquardt


– “I knew that I was a step below where I wanted to be, and that motivated me to keep working hard.”
– “I was like ‘oh, I’m at another level now. I guess this is who I am.’ It’s interesting, I almost wasn’t ready for it.”
– “He asked me, ‘how many all-Americans would you trade to get one national win?’ I thought about it a lot, and decided I would not change what I have.”
– “The timeline I had kind of went out the window, I knew I just needed one more step, I just needed to get in that right race.
– “You know Those races where you come off the final turn and you really hope you have something but your legs are just dead… this was the first time I did not experience that at all. I dug and it was all there.”
– “I was on a bike in the Haverford gym, dripping sweat all over this bike being miserable, and i thought, you know, if I never run again, I’m still really happy with how everything went.”
– “The entire time I was chasing the dream of being a professional runner, but actually I was living the dream.”
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