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2x Pikes Peak Marathoner Champion, Alex Nichols, Joins D3 Glory Days


“I learned early on with ultrarunning that there’s always going to be ebbs and flows. So when I’m really hurting, I just tell myself, ‘OK, this is an ebb. We’ll get to a flow soon enough!’ So repeating that there will be another side to this darkness.”

We move up in distance this week and speak with Colorado College head coach, Alex Nichols. Alex is professional trail/ultra runner for Scott Running and finished 3rd overall at the USATF 100mile Road Championships.

Alex was drawn to Colorado College due to the access to the trails and the unique academic calendar. His freshman class was large and showed a lot potential to become a great team. Throughout his time at CC, they would consistently send individuals to the national meet but come up just shy of making it as a team. His senior year, they accomplished what they set out to do by making it as a team. Alex finished 14th overall and CC finished 21st.

After college, Alex had early success at Pikes Peak Marathon where he beat multiple sponsored athletes. He wanted to see how far he could take trail running especially when he knew there was an all expensed paid trip to compete internationally. He competed multiple times for Team USA at the Mountain Running Championships and was highlighted by a 6th place finish in 2015 where Team USA earned 2nd place.

His success doesn’t end there as notable highlights from his trail/ultra career including winning the Pikes Peak Marathon twice, holding the course record at Mont Blanc 80k, and a 2nd place finish at Western States in 2017.

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