Dave Moller, D3 Champion, earned All-American Honors across all 3 divisions

On this week’s episode, we sat down with University of Rochester grad, Dr. Dave Moller. Rochester went through a series of transitions during Dave’s time which allowed him to be a D1, D2, and D3 All-American. The first season he ran XC, Rochester was a D2 school but transitioned mid year. After earning D2 All-American honors in fall, he won the 3 mile at D3 Outdoor Nationals in the spring.

In 1974, Dave Moller had one of the best post-seasons a D3 runner has ever had. The University of Rochester runner started the postseason by winning the IC4As, which is an invitational of schools in the Northeast including D1. A few days later he won the D3 National meet which earned him a spot at the D1 National starting line. Against a competitive field that included Olympian, Craig Virgin, Dave finished 19th. His season wasn’t done yet! Just a week after competing in two national championships, Dave flew to San Fransisco to compete in the AAU championships. He ran majority of the race with Olympic medalist, Frank Shorter and ended up finishing 22nd.

Dave’s drive as a runner fueled his success. His weekly mileage totals sky rocketed as he began doubling and saw how the increased mileage improved his performance. That 1974 season inspired him to see where he could take his running. While on a training trip with the Florida Track Club in Gainesville, FL, he suffered a hamstring injury that took away his post-collegiate running career. While he never got back to the fitness that would make him competitive, he is still a life long runner and still runs to this day.

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