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The Exit Interview: Frank Gramarosso joins D3 Glory Days to reflect on 39 Years at North Central


“Like the air we breathe, there’s something there that has kept us [Al and I] together and it’s the biggest emotion you have. That’s love for each other and love for the program that Al started. I tried to do the best I can, and I hope somebody else is is willing to put in the time and energy that it takes.”

On April 4th, Frank Gramarosso announced his retirement from North Central College marking a new era for the historic program. For the first time in almost 60 years, NCC with be conducting a search for a new Cross Country & Track and Field Coach.

Gramarosso began at North Central in 1983 as a part-time assistant coach. He was still teaching at a local high school, but his passion was in coaching. In 1985, Al Carius promoted Gramarosso to full-time assistant to allow Gramarosso to go all in on his coaching. He was tasked with building up the track and field side of the program as the cross country program had already won six national titles.

Gramarosso helped North Central claim its first track and field national title in 1989 and would be the start of something special. Throughout his time, Gramarosso’s teams won 12 total track and field national titles and enjoyed five straight from Indoors in 2010 through Indoors in 2012.

While winning was fun, Gramarosso enjoyed making his student-athletes better people. His goal was to create a program built on trust and love as to not completely focus on times and titles. His time spent at North Central has seen countless trophies and accolades, but he’s most proud of the fact that there are over 100 current coaches that called North Central home.

Gramarosso’s impact is not only felt at North Central but across the entire division. We want to thank him for his what he’s done for the sport and division. We hope he enjoys his retirement and only goes back to campus one day a week!

If you want Al’s book you can buy it here on Amazon.

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