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The Lost Season: Genny Corcorcan finding the love for running again


An unofficial series is coming to D3 Glory Days called ‘The Lost Season.’ We’re going to be interviewing those who lost their senior track season due to COVID-19. While many want to forget that time, we want to be a place where people can share their thoughts and help in the process of moving on. The first guest in this series is Genny Corcoran from SUNY Geneseo.

Corcoran comes from a competitive running family and she wanted to follow in her footsteps of her brother by going to SUNY G. She was also looking for a school that felt like a community and had the ability to contribute right away. She felt right at home at SUNY Geneseo as the positive culture was contagious.

Throughout her career, her main goal were to always have a fun. You’ll see the positive outlook she took with running which helped her progress throughout her college days. With everything clicking her senior year, her mantra was to run fearless which led her to a runner-up finish at the 2019 XC National Championships.

Then, COVID-19 took away her final season but she took a lot out of that time. While her relationship with running changed, she now runs because she truly enjoys it. She brings a ton of perspective to this episode that many with resonate with.

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